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"My intention is to provide a transformational value for you and your business..."
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This Event Was Created For:
Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Speakers, Authors, Publishers and Thought Leaders
Why We Do This Luncheon...
We open up our home to entrepreneurs, business owners, speakers, authors, publishers and thought leaders in the Las Vegas Area.  We have one agenda for this luncheon and that is to connect with like-minded individuals that have amazing gifts, skills and abilities to offer the world.

We have been fortunate enough to have some of the biggest names in the business show up at our luncheon.  You never know what's going to happen or who you are bound to run into at the "Red Carpet Luncheon."

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The Online EverMentor
An Industry Titan Since 1998
  • Been a successful online entrepreneur since 1998. One of the first marketers.
  • ​Generated Millions of dollars online.
  • ​Creator of the Business Networking Summit Implementation Program.
  • ​Consistently Help Businesses Grow Their Revenue Using Online Advertising Everyday.
  • ​Owner of a very successful online educational software company.
  • ​Owned several local businesses.  Including restaurants, coffee shops and gift-shops.
  • ​Owner of Launch Suite. Help entrepreneurs launch their products and services. 
What Past Clients & Customer Have To Say...

There have literally been tens of thousands of videos, testimonials and comments that have come in over the years.  Here a few recent ones...

Changing My Mindset
 Was A  Breakthrough

Chad Showed Me The Courage And Confidence I Have Inside

Chad Helped Me With My Webinars Increasing My Sales 

There Were Many Lightbulb Moments 

My Family And I Thank Chad Nicely

I Have Been Following Chad For Years

Thank You For Believing In Me 
When I Didn't   

 Your Classes Are Never Boring, I Always Kept Looking Forward To The Next One

I Have Been Blessed To Be Part 
Of Your Program 

I Have Never Seen Anyone Deliver 
As Chad Does

Chad Took Me Out Of My Shell And Took
 A Leap Of Faith

Chad Has The Best Interests At Heart And The Best Intentions

Fear Is Not A Factor For Me Anymore!

Making Videos Is Giving Me Confidence

You Changed My Life Since Day 1

Chad Nicely Is A Mentor
 With Good Intentions

I Have Never Encountered
 Such A Caring Person

Chad Helped Me With My Webinars Increasing My Sales 

What Does Chad Nicely Specialize In?

This page isn't really directed towards new people or cold traffic.  We are assuming that if you are looking at this page you already know who Chad is and his transformational abilities that he provides his students & clients.  If you don't know who he is or somebody referred you, this section below will give you a better idea.

Sales & Conversions
One thing Chad knows how to do well is sell products and services in any circumstance.  Something that can easily be duplicatable with your products and services.
Automations & Systems
Chad has a very unique approach to automations and systems.  It's so unique he built his own systems and software to automate the whole process.  This page is a great example of that!
MindSet Mentor
Chad has been able to help 1000's of struggling and experienced entrepreneurs get over those issues that are stopping them from succeeding.  His approach to this is unlike anything you have seen.
Gamification Expert.
Chad really has a great understanding of gamification especially when it comes to product delivery and getting your students and members to the finish line of your course.
Online Courses
Your students will be ecstatic to complete your course.  You're going to learn how to create a course that serves another level combined with gamification and monetization on Chad's own system.
Media Strategist
Chad's forte is organic marketing using Social Media.  There is some real magic to what he is able to teach you when it comes to organic marketing.  Especially on Facebook and LinkedIn.
Group & Tribe Building
There's no doubt in our mind that you have witnessed this for yourself or you would not be on this page.  When you learn this process you can make as much money as you want.
Lead Generation
The lead generation strategy that Chad believes whole-heartedly is LinkedIn.  You will not find a higher quality lead online.  The best part is he can teach anybody how to make a real business out of this and has done so for hundreds of people.
Webinar Conversions
Chad is a master when it comes to webinar engagement and conversions.  He has been known to hit some of the higest records in the business.  You'll learn the secrets when you are involved with our programs.
Live Events & Masterminds
Chad has ran several masterminds including the "Diamond Level Mastermind."  This is something that can easily be replicated for the right person in the right niche.  You need to have the right mindset to pull this off.
High Ticket Programs
Once you have learned to create courses, gamify your members and build that community it just makes sense that you would have a high ticket program.  Chad has a process call "IQS" and created his own software to handle all of this
Product Launches
One of the veterans in the business especially when it comes to launches.  This is not something you see Chad doing very much, but he does assist with consultations on current launches.  It's a great way to generate cashflow and an userbase
What Chad Nicely Requires
It's Important You Understand This...

How do the transformations take place when you work with Chad?

First of all you have to understand that you have to be the right fit before Chad can work with you.  If you are looking for private individual coaching, Chad will meet with you before hand.

It doesn't matter what level you join, you will MOST CERTAINLY experience a transformation.  Not only is Chad extremely successful in teaching people how to scale their online business, but he's also very successful as a mindset coach.

Issues that are dealt with...

  • I'm not good enough
  • ​I don't have the discipline and consistency
  • ​I'm not clear on my why or how much I need to make
  • ​I'm technically challenged
  • ​Why would anybody pay me what I am worth?
  • ​This didn't work last time
  • ​I don't know how to ask for more money
  •  I'm scared...

Here's how you know that you may be a good fit for Chad

  • 100% Open Minded: You're going to be exposed to new theories and strategies that may go against everything you know, you have to be open-minded.
  • Willing To Change: Change is good, and you're going to be asked to make changes.  It won't be anything you can't handle but this is almost always the case with our clients.
  • Willing To Let Go: This is the hardest thing to do for our students.  We find that they are too close to things that are stopping them from scaling and making big profits in their business.
  • 110% Committed: This is something that you have to take serious.  Chad's time is very valuable, so you have show up with both feet in.  If you don't have both feet in you will be asked to leave
  • No Excuses At All!: I'm sure it goes without saying, Chad puts up with ZERO excuses.  He's the toughest coach you will ever have, but he will get you results!
Once You Have Applied
This is what you can expect...

3 Simple Steps For You To Follow!

  • Step #1: Complete The Application
    Your application will be reviewed to see if Chad or his company can actually help you.  We are NOT able to help everybody.
  • Step #2: Schedule Call - After you submit the application if you are a good fit to work with us, then you will be asked to make an appointment with Chad or his team.
  • ​​​Step #3 Onboarding Process:
    Depending on the program that you join there will more than likely be an onboarding process or an event that has been scheduled.  Make sure you pay close attention to your email.
The only thing we know FOR SURE, 100% Without a doubt is you only have a limited amount of time to LIVE YOUR LIFE!

It's time that you live your life to your fullest.  If you want help from somebody who has already made the mistakes and figured out how to scale and grow your business, then it's time for you to act.
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