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Build A List With Thousands Of Cash Hungry Buyers!

Pictured: Here's How To Build A List
Here's How To Build A List

Hey guys, so I’m sure you have heard the phrase “the money is in the list.” I know I have a million times. However, let me forewarn you I don’t
think this statement is as powerful today as it once was. The times have changed. People are aware of auto responders, there is a ton of spam getting
through, e-mail marketing is not the newest thing, and with the addition of cell phones and their ability to read email it has all had a tremendous impact on list building.

Having said that, I still encourage you to build a list. There is still a ton of money to be made, great relationships to be established, and if you do this right you can make yourself out to be a trusted authority figure.So I am going to giveyou some ideas and resources so you can build a list yourself.  These are tools that I am either using, or have used in the past. Your best bet is to do a combination of these techniques to really build a list.

Is it easy to build a list?

Pictured: Is It Easy To Build A List?
Is It Easy To Build A List?

Guys, I hate to say it, but the answer is no. There is a lot of work that must happen initially but just like Internet Marketing once you put the foundation in place it can run itself. I bring in tons of subscribers each and every day. However, it took me a while to figure out exactly how to do this.

I have failed over and over. The one time I was successful with building a list was when I ran my own JV Giveaway about 2 years ago. You might remember it; it was called the “Sensational Giveaway.” Guys I built a list of about 3,000 people in one weekend. It was awesome.

The problem? These people all came from a Giveaway that gave away free product in exchange for their name and email. So these were people that were looking for freebies. They were not the least bit interested in paying for anything, no matter the quality of product. So I was basically paying an auto responder maintenance fee for a non responsive list.

So I did something unheard of! I deleted all 3,000 of those names and started all over. I really wanted to learn to build a list so I bought products from people like Anik Signal. He had some courses called “Income Kick Start” that gave you your start to list building. Yeah it worked somewhat, but It was just too hard maintaining those sites.

I even went as far as to post a free product on the Warrior Forum in exchange for their name and email. Guys I tried everything I could to build a list. It just wasn’t going to happen for me. Well that’s what I thought. Let the fun begin.

Here Are The Essential Steps To Build A List:


Step #1 – Determine your niche
Pictured: Steps To Build A List
Steps To Build A List
This is so very important.  If you don’t have an established website already, you better slow way down.  You need to make sure the niche you choose is highly sought after, and something that you can compete with.  Remember if nobody is looking for your topic, your going to fail!
Step #2 – Give Something of Value in Exchange for their email
You stand such a better chance if you offer a quality product in exchange for their email.  You might notice in the top right corner of this site.  I am offering my “Authority Blogging” course which I created myself in exchange for their information.  If I were to sell this to the public, I would have a $97 price tag on it.
Now if you don’t have a course.  That’s ok.  Maybe you have a PDF report, video, graphic set, anything that has a perceived value.  If you’re not comfortable making a product or ebook,  then find a PLR product.  This is a product that you have the rights to give away.  If you find one with Master Resell Rights, then you can even place your name and logo on the product.  This is an alternative to giving away your own product.  I prefer to do my own, because I am an authority figure in my niche.
Step #3 – Create the vehicle to receive their information
Ok so this could be a squeeze page, it could be a widget like you see on my site or there are even cool little plugins that will help you make your offer attractive.  I’m going to list all the tools and resources I use as a vehicle on my site.

Here are my resources for building a list:

Popup Domination – This is by far one of the most useful plugins I have come across in a long time.  All you need to do is choose your template, enter in a few bullet points, a captivating headline, and an image if your chose to do so.  It is not a popup but rather a litebox.  When I use Popup Domination I see a 14% increase with my optins.  The perfect tool for building a list.
Subscribers Magnet – This is another cool little plugin for build a list.  The bells and whistles in this program are unbelievable.  For starters this plugin will pre-fill your viewer’s information in the optin fields.  That’s just the start.  The guys at Subscribers Magnet, know it’s important to have more than one source to capture leads.  So you can add the following to your site all from one admin panel:
  1. Footer Bar
  2. Side bar
  3. Optin within your post
  4. Optin within your comments
  5. Silence Subscribe
Guy’s this isn’t a post about Subscribers Magnet, but I just think you should check out the video below and see why this is the ultimate tool for building a list.
Premium Squeeze Pages This is by far the most killer squeeze page template collection I have come across.  I have made about 50 different squeeze pages using these themes and they convert extremely well.  You can literally set up a squeeze page in about 10 minutes flat.  This collection also includes a massive collection of video squeeze pages.
The designs in this package are like no other.  Big bold headlines that demand attention.  They are laid our perfectly to get your point across.  I have used these pages to build a list of thousands of subscribers.
Aweber Auto responder – Guys I have been with Aweber for a long time.  I actually got with them like 10 years ago, and have since have tried every auto responder out there.  I should have just stuck with this service cause they are ahead of the rest of the competition and have remained there for a long time.
However, the real reason you want to choose Aweber is because of the fact they are recognized and supported by about every developer in the world.  I have yet to find a plugin that will not integrate with Aweber.  It’s something you have to have if you’re really trying to build a list

The Most Important thing I can tell you about building a list!

Guys, please take a minute to watch that video in the right corner.  There is so much going on here, but you have to take a real close look.  I highly recommend that you create a video, especially if you are trying to be an authority figure in your niche.
So how did I create this video?  Simple!  Yes, I could have used green screen, fancy cameras, and high dollar screens.  However, is that really what my audience would relate to?  I’m afraid not.  You see the whole Clickbank era, and all the product launches have ruined this.
Instead you need to seem real.  I absolutely am real.  I live in Casper, Wyoming of all places.  Married with kids and you guys know this about me.  So don’t get fancy instead relate to your viewer.  When they watch you video you want to appeal to their emotions and feelings.  You want to leave the impression that you have been in their shoes, and they now have an opportunity to follow the same steps you took, and can one day be wearing your shoes.

So here is how I shot that video, and yes it has done wonders in my efforts to

Pictured: Chads optin to build a list
Chads optin to build a list
build a list
So I first picked the nicest spot in my house.  I could have done it outdoors, but it was raining.  I chose the couch because it had that nice picture in the background, and I was comfortable and felt very approachable to people.
Did I have a script?  The answer is no.  However I had an idea what to talk about, and how to provide people with the security they needed.  So you might notice that I laugh, I joke, I admit weaknesses, I come off as real personal.  Tell me you don’t feel like you know me when you watch that video.
So once you pick your spot, all I did was took the webcam in my laptop and opened up Windows Movie Maker.  I just started talking.  Yes I choked lots of times.  I hate speaking; I’m absolutely horrible with it.  However how else are you all going to get to know me?  Face your fears!
So every time I attempted this I would go back and watch my clip, and search for flaws.  I saw myself though your eyes.  It took a total of about 6 different recordings before I was comfortable with what you see.  Is it perfect?  Not by far.  However, do I come across as a normal guy, who’s making money at home.  Yes I do, is that where you want to be?  I think it probably is.
Now once I finished recording I converted it to WMV and imported the media into Camtasia.  I was then able to add my logo, and for the YouTube version I was able to add my site at the top.  Guy’s that’s it.  All together it, took about an hour.  But my optin rates increased 22%!
Alright guys, GO BUILD A LIST!

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