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I’ll keep this post really short and sweet.

If you’re not leaving comments on Blogs, your missing out!

Blog Commenting is a massive part of SEO. It is on of the most important backlink strategies on the internet today. This is probably not something that is going to change anytime soon.

How do I leave a Blog Comment and have it approved?

This is actually a very good question.  One that not everybody know’s the answer too.  I would say the majority of comments I receive on my blog are all spam comments.  Which is really sad because it is very easy to have a Relevant Comment approved on my blog.  I actually wrote a very detailed post showing you exactly how to be successful with Blog Commenting.

Click Here for My Post on Blog Commenting Strategies

What is the Benefit of Leaving Blog Comments On This Website?

The truth is, there are too many to list.

Benefit #1 – This is a do-follow blog, which means Google will see your link as a backlinks (Read more about this below)

Benefit #2 – When you leave you comment this gives people a chance to check out your site.  If you do this right, this could be a massive source of traffic for you!  Just click the link above, and you will do this right

Benefit #3 – This blog supports the CommentLuv plugin.  This alone can bring more visitors to your site, more backlinks, and a new following.  The link above talks about CommentLuv

Benefit #4 – I love hearing from my readers.  I apprecaite every comment, question, complaint, and concern.  I am not scared to post anything.  I will always respond to your comment as long as it is relevant to the post.  In additon to that, I can not tell you how many times I have gone and clicked on my readers links.  I do this to build up my relationships,  offer opportunities, and finally to see who you are and what you are up to.

This is a DO-FOLLOW Blog, I Spread the Link Love!

If your fairly new to SEO and your trying to get backlinks going.  Let me tell you about a little trick, that a lot of Blog owners use.  You see we have the ability to make our blogs, posts, and pages either Do-Follow or a No-Follow Blog.  If something is a Do-Follow blog then basically Google will give find your link on my blog and count it as a backlink.  If it’s a No-Follow blog, then any link you leave on that blog will not count as a backlink.

Now this doesn’t mean you wont get traffic, people will still see and click your link.  So you will get the traffic.  However you’re not going to get the backlink.  That is just the short summary of what a Do-Follow and No-Follow blog is.

Anyways, to conclude on this.  I share the Link Juice.  The power of my link juice will flow to yours.  Someday this might change, however for now it seems to be working.

CommentLuv is Highly Supported On This Blog!

As I stated in my benefits.  If you have not installed CommentLuv, your missing out.  The link above will teach you all about commentluv.  In case you skipped that link here it is again:
Click Here for My Post on Blog Commenting Strategies


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-Chad E. Nicely

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