Spread The Word & Win $1000 Course!

Welcome to My First Official Internet Marketing Contest! This could be history in the making.  If the response to this contest is as big as I believe it will be.  Then you will see contests ran on my site on a frequent basis.

My idea is to take some of the Biggest Marketing Products out there, and let you guys win them.  This will help build up a loyal following on my site, and I think we can get to know each other in the process.

I’m starting this contest off with a BLAST!, by offering prizes from the marketer I trust the most! It’s important that I build up a trust with you and a loyal following, so why would I start off with any other marketer than Sean Donahoe.    He is the MAN!

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know that I am a true believer in his products.  Why? Because they produce results, and you get paid!

This Is Going to Be Cake! All you need to do is participate and have FUN.  Your basically going to rack up points just for spreading the word. That’s right, you’re going to rack up points just from PARTICIPATING and TAKING ACTION!

To WIN, You Don’t Have To….

Do That Much Work At All.  It’s not about who has the most points.  You can have just ONE point and still have a chance to win.

Once you’ve signed up you’ll get a chance to automatically join on Facebook & Twitter.  Just authorize the contest app and begin spreading the word online with you very own contest link.  You’ll earn points when you put your contest like ANYWHERE online & get people to click and visit ChadNicely.com!

We’ll automatically give you bonus points for a wide variety of actions!  For example when you post videos on YouTube with your contest link in the video description or you mention the contest on Twitter.  You’ll earn point in MANY different ways & here’s the complete list…

Just fill in your E-mail below if you have not already and your officially registered for the contest.

You’ll get a UNIQUE URL to use when you talk about this contest.  This link allows us to track people back to you.  Why?  Because you get points for spreading the news about this contest all over the Internet!

[contest_links contest=”video_marketing_goldmine”]

October 31, 2011 – We Will Reward 3 Lucky People!

The more actions you take to promote the contest…. the more chances you will have to win! This is a contest of skill because the more active & effective players will get the most entries.  Then the contest ends at midnight 10/31/11 & prizes will be randomly selected out of all the entries.  So while the contest point leaders will have the greatest odds of winning.  EVERYONE who plays has a chance!


[contest_links contest=”video_marketing_goldmine”]



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