Facebook Groups Are Your Greatest Marketing Asset!

I can remember creating my first Facebook about 10 years ago!

I had two of them.  I had two of them at the time.  Once was focused on a marketing strategy for JV Giveaways.  This was a group I created back in 2009.

Yes about 8 years ago before groups were what they were.  Today there are about 4000 members in that group.  I made a post in 2012 saying I was giving away this group for FREE.


Well…  groups we’re NOT what they are today.

I also had another group about “Million Dollar Launches” this was back in 2009.  So back then, we were seeing these type of launches over and over.  Today things have changed and most people are lucky if they are hitting six-figures with their launch. However back in the day we used to crush it.

Screen shot from “Million Dollar JV Launches”

Groups were NOT what they are today!

On the contrary, everybody was focused on fanpages back in the day.  I was trying to make groups work but Facebook was not at the level it’s at today.  We’re going to talk about that here in just a minute.  You see everything evolves and this is not the first time I have seen an old marketing strategy come back on steriods.

Well that’s exactly what happened with the Facebook Groups.  Eventually the fanpages took a back seat and the groups took over.  I think they are here to stay for quite some time.

Listen to me closely, because of the Facebook Groups we have been able to generated millions in online revenue

If you were to ask any online marketer the best way to monetize your leads, subscribers and customers and they would tell you an email list.

For the most part this has proven to be true.

We made millions with our email list over the years.  It really wasn’t hard to build up that list either.

However, there came a point where this became ineffective for us.

We started seeing all these NEW guys enter the market place with their crap products and software.  Their $12,000 bonuses and the market lost it’s authenticity.  This was a lot of the reason why we chose to build out REAL platforms that make a difference in the world.

Mailing our list was not as profitable as it once was…

The whole system is broke.  A marketer creates a product, announces a launch and gives a set of emails called swipes to all of his affiliates.  So now all the affiliates are mailing out the same offer with the same email.  Guess what?

All the affiliates have the same customers on their lists.

So who does the customer buy from?

  1. The first email they see (rare scenario)
  2. The marketer they like the best (takes building rapport and trust)
  3. The marketer with the BEST bonuses (most likely the case)

You see that’s where it’s broken for me!

You are out there promoting a $97 offer and these guys are offering $11,000 in bonuses to make a few sales.

That’s not marketing….

I don’t know what you call that.

So look it’s been broken for me.  It’s been broken for a long time.

I went through a 3-year period without mailing my list at all.

I left the money on the table, because it just didn’t feel good anymore.

I know crazy right.  How many millions of dollars were left on the table from that decision.

Here’s the thing…

I have to feel GOOD!

I have to make a difference!

I can remember years ago promoting a system online.  It was a network.  I was out there crushing it.  I had ads on every network.  I was writing blog posts.  I was bringing in signups everyday.  My first couple months I hit the Six-Figure mark.

However when it came time for the people I brought on to do the same thing….

They weren’t able to do it!

I couldn’t stomach taking the money anymore…

So I said I’m leaving this business and I’ll figure out something that will work better!

I have to feel good with what I am doing or it holds me back in life!

So yeah we left a lot of money on the table over the years…

But there was a lethal combination that was introduced to the marketing world that changed everything for our business.

It put us back on track and we feel good with what we’re doing today.

The lethal combination of  Facebook Group & Live Video revolutionized the way we market

The reason why they say that email marketing works is because you’re building a relationship with your list.

Maybe back in the old day that was a case.

However most people today are just hustling their list.

Sell, Sell, Sell…

and frankly their is a lot of people that want to buy, buy, buy….

but for me I was never able to build that relationship with my list…

It just wasn’t in the cards for me…

but something that is working is my groups.

My groups have allowed us to generated millions in revenue.

However we take amazing care of our groups.

We are very involved and it’s not uncommon for me to be live in my groups a few times a week.  Sometimes I’m live in there multiple times a day.

With the groups you’re able to actually build relationships with people.

Once you do that your members will not only buy your products but they will also buy what you recommend as well.

When your group sees that you really care then you’re able to host LIVE events and invite your members

We have a 5k event, 10k event, and a 25k event.

We’re in the process of putting together our 40k event.

You see this wasn’t something we were able to do successfully with an email list.

There was just too much noise in their inbox.

The groups don’t work without the LIVE FEED

Look I don’t know how to say it in any other way.  You have to face your fears and go live.  Your members need to see you live each and every week.  They really get a sense of who you are and hopefully you’re an awesome person that has their best interest at heart.

Once you do this something CRAZY will happen.  Your members will follow their lead and they will start going LIVE as well.

We have one group that has 7,000 members in in.  That one group is one of the most active groups you have ever seen.

We put it up against a monster group with a “Big Name” that has 50,000 members in it.

You know what we are 10x engaged.

So yes you have to go LIVE to your members.

Here’s my tips on being successful with your own Facebook Group

*Set your main group to Public. You will be surprised how many people will find your group or be referred from other members

*If you choose to have a higher level then you can have a second group to put people into.  This can even be a paid group for the more advanced/serious marketers

*Make sure you have Rockstar branding throughout your group.  You want your header to rock, and your profile pic should be a person not an object

*Make sure you state your rules under the group description, they have to know what you expect

*Find a few key members to be admins in your groups.  You can give them access to your courses or training for free or even offer them a free strategy session in return for just watching and responding to the group.

*When your new members hit the group, have a nice welcome post.  In that post be as generous as you possibly can.  When they join out group we have a special invite to a webinar.  We have various training, ebook and gifts for them as well.  Remember this is their first impression of you.  Make them fall head over heels.

*It’s ok to promote.  However you need to make sure what you are promoting is HIGH QUALITY.  I would say that your posts for promotion need to be 10-1.  Which means you are going to give 10 times, and then sell…. remember you have to be that NICE GUY.

*Have a set agenda for your group. Setup special days where you do a Q&A session, or maybe you have a day where you do a live training session.  We are getting ready to have a day where we allow promotions on just that one day.  Keep trying different things

*GO LIVE!  Just do it.!  Encourage other members to do it.  Setup rewards for them if they do go LIVE.  This will make all the difference in the world.

*Finally… BE CONSISTENT.  The minute you quit caring about your group.  The minute you quit going live.  The minute you quit talking to them… the group will fizzle away.  Keep your eye on the prize and show them you have their best interests at heart.

Now get out there and make a difference in the world!

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