First Blog Post Since 2009


Has it really been 8 years since I’ve last created a blog post!

So much has changed over those years.

I first created my blog back in 2005.  I quickly found a way to make it very profitable by promoting others people’s products and services.

If I were to be 100% honest with you I would tell you I was definitely cheating the system back in the day.  I can remember deploying link wheels, hiring article writers in the Philippines, running software around the clock too boost my ratings and any other trick or strategy I could do to trick the Google spiders.

The end result?

It didn’t work out in my favor and my little blog that I was able to get to $300 a day had lost it’s rankings over night.

I had some really good rankings too!

I was ranked:

#2 – Iraqi Dinar (didn’t mean to)
#2 – Warrior Forum
#42 – Make Money Online

The funny thing is back then, I didn’t even really know how to monetize my blog.  I was just goofing around.

Making good money then Google Panda and Penguin crushed my business.

So I decided to focus on paid advertising.

From there I went very heavily into product launches and product creation.

Today things have definitely changed….

The picture you see above that was an old screen shot I found in of what my site used to look like back then.

Pretty spammy right?

Today we’ve entered an era of “Authenticity and Transparency”

Which means you’ll see my take a different approach

As far as my personal life…..

I’m no longer married, which means I need to update my “About Me” page that I created way back in 2009

I had the fight of my life to even exist as a father.

My little girl who is not so little anymore is in the business at 12 years old.  We just witnessed her crush the stage at the EverLesson event.  She has since gone on to create her own products and is working on building her brand.

So why in the world would I want to start my blog up?

Well I’m in a different position today…

You see back then, I was blogging to make money in my business

Today I’m pretty well set.

I have built that foundation and money is not a worry like it used to be.

I also feel as thought I have experienced a lot in life and business.

I’ve been at the very top and then completely hit rock bottom.

I’ve had it all and lost everything.

As though somebody flipped a light switch…

Yes that was my life

So it’s not about the money, instead I have stories to share with others so that I may impact their life

I hope to be a true inspiration to others as well.  I hope be a motivating factor and lead by example with my blog.

The world needs high quality content

The world needs direction, inspiration, and motivation

That’s my goal…

So speaking of goal.

Where in the world do I start?

When I logged into my blog, I was locked out.  I had to research to find the password.

All the old scripts and plugins I used back in the day I had to turn off…

So many things have changed.

The rules of SEO have changed.

Do I know how to do this anymore?

Nope not a clue… but that doesn’t mean I won’t figure it out!

The key to being successful is being driven and consistent

There are other keys as well but those are the two I am going to focus on most

So look….

I don’t really care what my blog looks like right now.

I’m not going to try and figure out the themes, the design, the marketing strategy…

None of that matters.

All that matters is that I am consistent and I start somewhere

That’s my advice to you!

If you’re reading this thinking…

If Chad can do it, then so can I!

Then go create your first post!

We will worry about monetization later!

I’ll figure out with you

So that’s a wrap!

First blog post in nearly 8 years!

It feels good too!

See you tomorrow.



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