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Guys, if you have a blog that you maintain, then writing a guest post is a no-brainer.  One of the most effective means of traffic generation is writing a  guest post on others people’s blogs.  You already create content yourself, well take an extra five minutes and give my readers something of value, and you’ll be rewarded in the process.

It is a win-win situation, your guest post will help you get more traffic, massive exposure, awesome backlinks, and ultimately more sales.  As for my readers they are exposed to diversity and another point of view. Reading some of my posts, that is not always a bad thing.

What should my guest post be about?

To figure out what your guest post needs to be about.  We first need to discover what this blog is about.  I’m actually in one of the most competitive niches on the internet.  “Making Money Online.”  Talk about a challenge.  I’ve got over 2000 ranking keywords.  I’ve seen my keywords rankings go up 100 spots over night and I’ve seen them drop just as fast.

It is a very high in demand, very responsive search term.  My audience is very responsive to my suggestions and recommendations.

Here are some other areas that I cover, and I recommend for your guest post

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Internet Marketing
  • Product Launches & Products
  • Social Media
  • Blogging
  • Traffic Generation
  • so much more, just look around!

Guest Posting Guidelines!

I’m sorry for being so tough, but guys my blog is all about quality.  I don’t post PLR crap, I don’t spin my content.  I don’t hire article writers in third world countries to write for this blog.  I keep it real. Therefore I want to make sure you keep your guest post real!   I’ll come right out and tell you what I expect.  That way there is no confusion.

1. Type of Content for Guest Post

I would think this would go without saying, however people never seem to amaze me.  Guys, you know what my blog is about.  Stick to the topic.  I will not allow any guest post dealing with adult media or anything else that is inappropriate for my audience.  I happen to know I have some 14 year olds that read my blog.  Be on good behavior.

2. Controversial Guest Posts

I actually love things that are controversial, it makes for good reading and great user interaction. However, what I don’t like is bashing of any sort.  It’s ok to be opinionated, however we don’t know to be slanderous at all when we do it.  I prefer not to mention any names with anything I write. Doesn’t mean I can’t think it though!

3. No Affiliate Links or Product Sales or Even Product Reviews!

The purpose of allowing you to write a guest post is to help you get the exposure and traffic you need.  It’s not to help you market somebody elses product.  I have no problems with affiliate marketing whatsoever.  I do it everyday myself.  However, I am not looking for my guest posts to be a Big Pitch Fest.  So, don’t like to any affiliate sites.  You can however link back to your site!

4. Quality of Content

Guys for obvious reasons, I am looking for 100% original content.  We will make sure your content is all original and not posted anywhere else on the internet.   Remember your name is going to be on this.  You are going to be making a first impression.

Be original, be creative, be controversial. Most importantly, stand out from the rest of the crowd. Reading my blog, you will see that I am very loud and boisterous.  I stand out, this is what you need to do!  I’m looking for something unique and different.  Please don’t submit the same old hashed up content!

Pictures are worth 1000 words.  Make sure they are royalty free!  Take a look at some of my posts, and see how I structure my posts.  By the way, my posts are optimized using SEOPressor.  I highly recommend you pick that plugin up!

Check your post for accuracy, spelling, and punctuation.  It is very important, that you look like a competent author.  If you miss something don’t worry we’ve got your back, and will make the edit for you!

You need to have an avatar for your profile picture.  It tells a lot about you.  We need to learn more about the person that is speaking to us.  I will not publish your post without a profile picture.

Your post needs to be 500 – 1000 words.  Trust me on this!  When I write posts with this many words, and a 3% keyword density I usually rank naturally within 24 hours for my chosen keyword.

Posts need to be in English, no exceptions!

5. Spread The Love!

Oh yeah!  I’m all about sharing the love.  You want the link juice I want you to have it.  I definitely recommend that your post link back to your site.  This is a massive backlink, and one that I want you to have.  Again, I just don’t want you linking back to any kind of affiliate page.


Quick Guest Posting Guidelines
Incase you were skimming 😉

  • 500 – 700 Word Post
  • Must be original and unpublished on the internet
  • Must be in English & spell checked
  • Your Post may be edited
  • Absolutely No affiliate links, products, or reviews
  • No adult Content
  • No hate Content
  • Please include pictures
  • If possible optimize your post


How Do I Submit My Guest Post?

I’m glad you asked, follow the steps below and you’ll be on your way!


Step #1 Register:

Click here to sign up for a profile

Step #2 Complete Your Profile
As I said earlier, this is your chance to make an impression.  Make sure you feel in you full name, short biography, and most importantly a link to your website.

Step #3 Profile Picture
It is absolutely that you have a profile picture on your guest post.  You will have a much better response,  with a picture.  It’s very easy to do, just sign up for a free account at Gravatar through the link b

Click Here to Sign for your Gravatar

Step #4 Email Me

Take a quick minute and write me a short email, telling me how you can contribute to my website, and your profile details including your username.  I will then change your status to Editor and you can upload your guest post.



Guest Post Submissions are on a first come first serve basis. The post is usually submitted within one business day of moderation and approval

If you have any questions regarding your guest post, contact me through my email above, or my contact page


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