Internet Marketing Strategies I Implement Daily In My Business…

I’m Going To Reveal to you My Daily Internet Marketing Strategies

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Ok, let me start out by saying this.  I don’t keep a very low profile. I am very involved in the forums, I’m constantly boggled down with email, and my lilttle skype program never stops dinging.  People have learned that I tell it like it is.  I’m not here to make a quick buck off you, instead I would like to share some internet marketing strategies that can make you and I friends for a very long time.

Now I am saying they are internet marketing strategies, but you might say it is SEO tactics, affiliate marketing strategies, internet marketing tips, or whatever else you want to call it.  As new internet marketing strategies are discovered, and proven successful, I will add them to this list.

My Internet Marketing Strategies come from some of the most brilliant minds in the industry!

In all fairness, I need to forewarn you.  I belong to several Internet Marketing groups, and am privileged to a lot of strategies and techniques. Unfortunately due to the confidentiality I am unable to discuss some of these things with you.

However, if I will let you know if there are membership openings in any of the groups I belong to.  So with that being said, keep tabs on this page.  There is a lot of resources and internet marketing strategies you can implement.  You will find I have done extensive reviews on most of these products. So with that being said, on with the Show!


Here is a list of My Top Techniques and  Internet Marketing Strategies

1. Sean Donahoe’s Inner Circle – I have spent a great deal of time talking about this membership.  The benefits are out of this world.  I am very much involved with this Inner Circle.  We have a Skype Room that all the members share tips, secrets, links and so many other ideas.  It’s a great place to JV and build relationships.  It is an everyday part of my life.  I spend half the day in this room.  In addition to that, this is where we watch the infamous “Ask Sean” sessions every Friday night.  It just doesn’t get any better then this.  Which is why it is my Absolute TOP RECOMMENDATION!

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2. Extreme Niche Empires – This is a great product if your new or advanced.  The author does a great job teaching you how to get started with WordPress in a very powerful way. The over the shoulder approach in this course is pure Gold.  Once you get that down, he then teaches you how to easily replicate your efforts automatically and scale things up.  I think this is a great beginners course, and when you become familiar implementing the advanced techniques can easily be accomplished when your ready.

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3. Firestorm SEO – This is by far one of my favorite courses of all time.  This was my first Introduction to Sean Donahoe’s marketing.  All I can say is WOW.  I thought I knew everything there was too know about SEO, and this guy proved me wrong.  I still use these tactics and techniques every single day.    It could have very well have been a $1,997 course but it was not.  If you have got the fundamentals of wordpress down and your ready to take things to the next level then this course is for you.  This is the course that is responsible for shutting down the HostGator Servers.

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4. SENuke X – Here is another tool I use on a daily basis.  You have to be very careful with this tool.  I highly recommend that you invest in Firestorm SEO and learn how to set up a “Link Magnet”.  Once you’ve got your link magnets in place then you can really abuse thI still cannot believe the power behind this bad boy.  Talk about awesome stuff.  It won’t bother me one bit if you pass this one right on up.  I personally wish I could have made this system myself and just kept it to myself.  This has got to be one of the most powerful fully automated tools I have ever come across.

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5. Backlink Booster – Clever little tool created by Sean Donahoe.  When I finish creating a post I click this little “Boost It Button” in my Firefox browser.  This tool then grabs my title, description, and keywords and pings it to over 80 directories, it then searches for a sitemap and submits the site map, runs it through my accounts, and then hits up my onlywire.  It does some other stuff too.  It even keeps a list of URl’s that I have submitted to prevent duplicate runs.

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6. Backlinks Indexer – This is a tool I use to make sure all of my backlinks get indexed.  By far I have been most successful with Backlinks Indexer.  I also use Linklicious and I pay dearly every month.  This tool is half the price, and the results flat out smoke anything else on the market.  SENuke is great at building your backlinks, but it’s not so great getting them indexed.  I think something like 30% of my SENuke url’s actually get indexed.  However I can extract those URL’s from SENuke and get them indexed using Backlinks Indexer.

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7. The Best Spinner – Here is another tool I use on a daily basis.  I also have my outsourcers and VA’s always pushing the limits on this bad boy.  I’m sure your familiar with the term “Spinning” If your not then check out the link in the video below.  I use this spun content with SENuke campaigns, some of my niche websites, as well as SEO Link Vine.

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8. SEO Link Vine – I love this thing!   I’ve been with these guys since the start.  I liked it so much I ended up taking the bullet and buying their lifetime membership.  This is another very powerful article tool.  I use it everyday as well as my outsourcers.  I can load original articles, spun articles from The Best Spinner, and most recently I can even take articles I’ve created using the Instant Article Wizard.  My backlinks then appear on a network of other blogs.  Cool Stuff, Highly Recommended!

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9. Instant Article Wizard – To be 100% honest with you, this is a new tool for me.  However I have been playing with it and absolutely dig it.  I use this tool when creating content for SEO Link Vine, or SENuke.  I also be sure to spin the content using the Best Spinner.  I would not use this content on your main money sites, but it is very useful in combination with a lot of other tools.

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10. RSS Mastery – RSS is a big part of what we do with effective Internet Marketing Strategies.  This is one area of our industry that is just under estimated.  This is the course that taught me to be an RSS Master.  It was created by my friend Sean Donahoe and highly recommend you pick it up if you plan on using RSS in your internet marketing strategies.

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11. Max Blog Press Ninja Affiliate – This is actually one of the Plugins I am using this very minute.  Now I’m sure people would argue with me and recommend something different.  However I don’t like to spend a lot of money on tools, and this one works just fine.  I have a history of all my clicks to my links.  I’m able to setup the redirects with ease, categorize my links, and on top of that I can even cloak my links.  It does everything I need to do at a fraction of the price of those bigger tools.

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12. Twitter Commando – I had to face it sooner or later social networking is just a big part of what we do.  I can’t stand these networks though to be honest with you.  I check my facebook maybe once a week.  To me its a waist of time.  However when I watched this course I saw there was a big potential I was missing out on.  If you plan on incorporating Twitter in any of your Internet Marketing Strategies then this course if for you.

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13. Aweber – If you really want to make it in this business you’ve got to have a list.  That’s all there is to it.  You can make decent money on the Internet, but to really make it big you have to have a subscriber list.  Aweber is by far my choice of atuoresponders, they are the most diverse and they work with just about any plugin created for email marketing.

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14. HostGator -Let me say this loud and clear.  I’ve got over 200 websites in various niches.  Those sites are all hosted with HostGator.  They offer hosting at the right price, their cpanels are top of the line, they are fast, and their support is top notch.  There is nothing else I can ask of a hosting company.

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15. NameCheap – For all my domains, and I have hundreds of them, I use Name Cheap.  With my “Gold Deal I pay about $8 a domain.  Now I know you can find cheaper names, I’ve managed to get them down to $4.95 each. However they also provide you with free WhoIs Protection. This is very important when you get into true SEO.  Their admin panel is friendly, and they are fast.

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16. GetClicky – To track all my stats for my website I perfer GetClicky over Google Analytics.  I like the data it provides and the user details I receive.  You will find over time this is just a better solution as opposed to using Google, especially when you get really in depth with SEO.

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17. Market Samurai – If you really want to make money on the web, then you’re going to have to get real good at keyword research, there is no way around this.  I’ve used every tool available including Micro Niche Finder, Traffic Travis, and anything else.  I keep coming back to Market Samurai.  They have had stability problems in the last few months but everything seems to be on track now.  I’d also like to point out I have applied the drill down techniques I learned in Extreme Niche Empires and applied them to my Market Samurai Filters.

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18. – If it’s targeted webtraffic your looking for look no further.  I have been a part of this site for about two weeks now.  This was a recommendation from that top inner circle link.  As of this date I’ve got about 250 other blogs that are posting my backlinks.  I’ve had about 40 clicks to my pages, and on top of that… Here is the good stuff, Ive built up 2521 inbound links.  How cool is that?  This is definitely going to be an awesome part of my backlinking strategies.

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Keep checking back, as I add more tools and internet marketing strategies to my arsenal you will be the first to know.  Remember I didn’t just post anything on this page.  I use these tools and services each and every day. They are all a part of my business and internet marketing strategies.