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It’s Not easy to make money online…

Pictured: Can You Make Money Online
Can You Make Money Online

I try to be positive in everything I do.  So I’ll just come right out and say you can in fact make money online and you can make a boat load of it.  However it is not as easy as one would think.  I’m kind of torn with my thinking here so let me just be real for a minute.

I first got into Internet Marketing over 10 years ago.  The big Internet Marketing Gurus you hear about did not even exist.  Although I know a few of them were just starting out online.  Hardly anybody knew how to make money online.  When I first started, Aweber was a new thing, Clickbank was in its birth stages.  The really big Internet Marketing product was called the “Cookie Cutter” and it was a chain program created by some old man here in the states.

That was when I first saw people actually start to make money online.  The other big thing I remember is “Smart Bot Pro”, this was a free autoresponder that the whole world was using.  There was some kind of deal with the owner of that company being a famous spammer.  Ok, so now you have an idea how long I’ve been around.  I’ve seen just about everything the internet and the internet marketing sector has to offer.

Remember WordPress had not yet been a reality, and if it did it was just a vision of Matt Mullenweg. HTML was the only language anybody knew.  I can even remember buying my first html editor.  No it was not Macromedia Dream Weaver, or Microsoft Front Page.  It was called WebEasy.  I remember buying it out of a magazine.  I was really eager to learn how to make money online myself.

Pictured: Overture

My First Internet Marketing Failures, but not my last… However No Cash Online for This Boy!

It was about that time I had my first online failure.  It was called Destiny Internet Marketing Solutions.  I was basically taking the “Cookie Cutter” program a step further.  I had hooked up with a programmer that was playing with the idea of replicating my main sales page.  That way other people could sell the same product.  I don’t think the whole idea of affiliate marketing had quite taken off.  I only failed cause I had a girlfriend at the time, that did not agree to me being on the computer as much as I needed to be.

I also had a joint marketing adventure called White Peaks LLC.  We basically went around to local businesses convincing them why they needed to have a website, and would then build it for them.  Guys, SEO had not even been born yet.  I remember everybody basically sticking 100 keywords into their page and then changing the font color to white.  This allowed the search engines to see the page but not the human eye.  That company actually did make money online, and lots of it!

I have to say, things have changed drastically.  I’m not sure if it’s easier or harder to make money online.  Let me explain why I say this.  You see back in the day people loved getting email.  Remember the whole AOL’s “You’ve got mail”.  Those were awesome times.  There was no such thing as spam.  Everything was opened.  I think we had an open rate of 100%.  There was no easier way to make money online.

Google was not the big player on the map.  We used search engines like HotBott, Ask Geeves, andYahoo.  Remember these?  The word Google was still foreign to the search engine world.  I can remember having friends on AOL Messenger, that were in the process of building search engines.  I often wonder what ever happened to those guys.  PPC, was around but it wasn’t Google Adwords it was called “Overture”.  This was the easiest time I ever had to make money online.  It was like stealing candy from a baby.  Leads were very targeted, people were new to buying products online, and not everybody could afford a website.

So I’ve been in this business for quite some time.  There is nothing I haven’t seen.  I can honestly tell you most of the “Make Money Online” programs you see are crap.  They always have been.  There are very few internet marketers that I actually look up to.  I believe there are very few that are actuall making an honest earning online.


The Way We Make Money Online Has Changed Over The Years.


Pictured Make Money Online Stats
Make Money Online Historical Stats

I recently had a friend who emailed me the chart you see above.  Now deep down inside I felt like I experienced the same trends, but it wasn’t until I saw this chart that I started playing everything back in my mind.  I would have told you that right before 911 hit, there was a ton of money being made online.


When I First Tried To Make Money Online

Pictured: Back in the Day...
Back in the Day...

I had a website I had built with my first e-commerce software.  I was by ECT templates.  Now all my traffic came from Overture.  Once I figured out that was making money I simply cloned the website and gave it a whole new face.  Now that was not as easy as it is today.  I then used the same database for all of my sites.  I had about 20 websites all pulling traffic from Overture.  The only downside was this was all physical products I was selling.

I believe it was the mid 2000’s when the product launches were in their birth stages.  Now I’m not sure if it was John Reese and his “Million Dollar Day”, or if it was Jeff Walker or who created it but I do know a new trend had been born.  I really appreciate some of the big product launches.  However, I believe some of these cheesy “Make Money Online” ClickBank launches are ruining the Internet Marketing Industry.

I’m referring to these so-called “Marketing Gurus” who hire paid actors, and scheme up this whole scarcity, or dramatic story how some secret product was bought from his great-grandfather on the streets of New York, only to be granted to 100 people really wanting to make a difference in the world.  Ok so that’s a bit of an exaggeration but you understand where I’m coming from.  I understand they too have to make money online, but can’t they do it ethically?

Now having said that, I’m going to flip things around on you and tell you why I think in one aspect it is actually easier to make money online today.


Technology Has Made It Easier To Make Money Online

So I don’t mean to contradict myself, but there is a flip side to this whole trend. Back in the day we were basically shooting from the hip.  We had no guidelines to follow we just made a shotgun blast in hopes of finding some new way to make money online.

We then started putting pieces together over the last few years and started figuring out what Google wanted to see.  This was definitely a lot of trial and error.  So we all put a lot of work into making money online.  Remember building all those reciprocal links, and link wheels.  WordPress is around right about now, but not everybody is aboard.  The term “blog” is the buzz, but it’s still just a social platform.


Using E-Mail to Make Money Online

Email Guy
Death of Email Marketing

I don’t even know if I should go here.  I know a lot of people are going to disagree with me.  Years ago, the whole “Subscribe to My News Letter” gimmick was hot and heavy.  Everybody was willing to give up their email to receive a free report telling you the “Top 10 ways to Make Money Online”.

I know I sure did.  I got a 100 “Make Money Online” reports I’d be happy to pass on to you.  My point is this.  I check my junk mail and I’ve got 1000 Viagra messages and some another 200 emails for the next big product launch teaching you the “The Long Last Method To Finally Make Money Online, and Flooding Your Bank Account”.  I don’t even have outlook configured for my email accounts.  I just login to my webmail account and see what the marketers are up to.

I have found that I have 10 or 15 of the same email from the same internet marketer.  At some point I have bought some “Make Money Online Course” and now I’ve got to unsubscribe to every one of those email.  No thanks, I’ll just can my email account.

It’s crazy, they overdid it.  I think it’s going to be gone soon.  I know a lot of people are now using their smart phones to check their email, and even with my Droid X capabilities, I still don’t want to sit their and read a mile long sales letter, or sit there though another 45 minutes video sales page.  You know who you are!

People became wise.  They know the tricks.  Now they get that “Make Money Online” course, but they use a fake email instead.  It’s my opinion but I just don’t think the old Optin Box trick is going to fly anymore.  You can use Popup Domination, Ultimate footer ad, whatever you want to.  It doesn’t mean that people are going to open you “Make Money Online” offer.  If they do open it, there so skeptical because of all the crap out there, chances are there just going to skip on by.  You can have your exit offers and trying to save the customer, but they’ve just gotten wise to you tricks.  Raking in Cash online from your subscriber lists is getting tougher and tougher.


Automation Is The Key To Making Money Online

Picture: SEnuke X
SEnuke X

Now, look where we are today!  I can not believe the abilities of the tools that are available to do all our work for us.  Tools like SEnuke X, Instant Article Wizard, The Best Spinner.  So freaking cool.  Technology proves the sky is definitely the limit.

Look at everything wordpress can do.  All the programming is gone, you simply install a plugin and your’re one step closer to learning how to make money online.  I do this all the time.  It’s just amazing.

How about the communications we have with each other.  I spend every single day in my Inner Circle sharing ideas and strategies with people from all over the world. The newswire is just a click away.  We know what to do with Google, and we can now keep up with them.  Google can keep making it’s algorithm changes, but at some point there going to have to end up with some kind of criteria and when they do we will have a work around.  I believe some of the programmers out there are the backbone of our industry.  I know one guy specifically that I would put up against any of Google programmers.  We are definitely learning to work online in a more smarter and automated way.

So enough with the ranting and raving.  The times are different.  The methods are different.  There were advantages back then when nobody was into making money online.  Now there are advantages to everybody trying to make money online.

I hope you listen to me because I’ve been around the block.  I’ll bet I’ve spent half a million dollars on software, schemes, one-click millionaire solutions.  99% of it is all crap, please believe me when I say that.  It’s my bold but honest opinion.  Don’t try to figure things out for yourself.  Surround yourself around people that are successful themselves.

It was when I did just that, I would actually make money online.  I can’t speak for other internet marketers but I can tell you it is such a great feeling to see those Clickbank checks in your mailbox. Or the Big Google Adsense checks.  It can happen.  It happens all the time.  You have to get past the crap out there and get with the right people.  There are people that will help you make money online.  I’m  hoping this post will save you ten years of searching.  I would loved to have come across a post back in my day pointing me in the right direction.  The problem is today, you have been misled for so long your skeptical.  I understand that and I remember feeling the same way.


Here Is My Advice on How To Make Money Online

The resources I have below are real and can change you’re life.  People like Sean Donahoe is as real as it gets.  He too has changed so many lives, taught people how to really make money online, and to do so in an ethical manner.  I recommend several of his courses in my link below.  He’s not one of those “Get Rich” kind of guys.  His training requires you put in some work online.

My mentor once told me “If you want to be a millionaire, then hang out with other millionaires.”

The same is true with making money online.  If you want to learn how to make money online then hang out with people that are doing just that.  Anything that Sean Donahoe puts out will make you money if you follow his exact steps, and implement and take action.  I can tell you everything changed for me when I became a member of his inner circle.  My eyes have been opened, I’m focused and opportunity knocks. Remember guys, keep your integrity and learn to make an honest earning online.  It can be done!

Click Here To Learn My Marketing Strategies

If you are really trying to succeed and make money online then stay focused to just that.  Ignore the marketers and their new products.  They’re just trying to distract you.  Remember if all those products worked then we wouldn’t need to buy anything else.  We would have the answer to our prayers and they would be out of a job.

Most importantly think positive and have patience.  To get you started I have created a page of the marketing strategies that I use everyday in my own marketing business and how I make money online.  Guys I don’t promote a product unless I know it works.  I use these tools and strategies each and every day.  It is my hope that you get the guidance you need and you too can start to make money online.