Making Money On The Internet…. MY WAY!

Pictured: Make Money On The Internet

Everybody thinks there on their way to Making Money On The Internet, Then Why Do 90% of them FAIL?

Pictured: Making Money On The Internet
Making Money On The Internet

The answer is simple.  Making Money on the Internet takes great dedication, motivation, and inspiration.  It really does.  Anybody that says there going to make you a millionaire overnight is flat out lying to you.  I will say it directly to their face, and trust me I’ve don’t it many times.

Making money on the internet is definitely possible but you’ve got to have a plan and an agenda, and more importantly you’ve got to implement that plan.  In order to start making money on the internet you have to come to the understanding, you are appealing to people wants, needs, and desires.

This is true in any kind of internet marketing.  Think about it, we write a blog post, we are attempting to teach, amuse, entertain, pre-sell, etc…  We’re trying to attract people.  The same is true if were into banner advertising, social media, video marketing, ppc, anything you can throw at me.  We’re in the same boat.

The fact is simple, you take the people off the internet, and your done.  It would no longer be possible to be even thinking about making money on the internet.  So my point is, you rely solely on your audience.  Let’s remember them, they are the most valuable asset your online business can have.  Without them your out of business!

If You Built It They Will Come!  – Not When It Comes to Making Money On The Internet

He He…. I kind liked that title up above I’ll have to remember that. Here is where sooooo many people get this wrong.  They mess up bad.  Everybody gets inspired, go open your email and tell me there is not something appealing to the impulse buyer in you.

I’ll be the first to tell you, I get suckered into every “Making Money On The Internet” opportunity, course, and training available.  However that is how I learn.  Ok, let’s get back on track.  You get inspired to some new system, some new technique, the newest Google Loophole and those Internet Marketers make it look so easy.

Of course they do.  It’s their job to appeal to your emotions, convince you this could be your life and you can do it all with 7 minutes a day.  Really?  So you jump aboard this technique or product knowing nothing about it.  You take the example the internet marketer has provided and told yourself ” I can do this, and I’ll be on my Dream Cruise next week.”  What happens though?  That boat sets sail without you.  Guy’s I been down this road.

The Ony Ones Making Money On The Internet Are The Gurus!

The things their teaching you might work for what they are doing.  I promise you, even though their shooting a “live, watch over our shoulder as we show you how easy this is” it’s not that easy.  They have got a team of SEO staff, researchers, and they’ve looked into things very thoroughly.  Think about it, there not going to shoot themselves with their product demonstrating a failure.

So you jump aboard this, and you don’t experience the same results.  Well of course you don’t.  First of all I guarantee you they didn’t tell you everything.  If they let you in on everything, you would have no reason to come back the following month for their next “Making Money On The Internet” scam.  You are their lifeline period!

Remember, your one in like 18,000 people who got suckered into this marketing course.  So by the time you get to it, that market is going to be saturated with this marketing technique or trick, and the results are not going to be the same.  Do I speak the truth?  You’re the only one not making money on the internet, or are you?

I’ll give you a live example.  I recently had a sneak peek at a recent Internet Marketing Launch.  Awesome product by the way.  After watching the course it was clear to me, the creator used the same niche over and over.  I remember calling him up saying, hey how you doing in that niche, because when you launch this product this niche is going to be saturated and all the domain names will be gone.  I don’t think the creator understood what I was telling him, but needless to say I went and scooped up 10 premium domain names for that niche before that product launch took place.

If You Want To Start Making Money On The Internet, Here is Your First Step!

Figure out what it is people want.  That is the first step to actually making money on the internet.  When you learn this, all the crap out there, will be just crap. There are so many trends that you can follow.  Look at the communications windows we have out there with social media, blogs, forums.  You name it, it is there.

Research Is Key to Making Money On The Internet

For right now, figure out about everything that you have tried.  I’m not going to even pitch any products at you.  Here is how I want you to start making money on the internet.  Head over to Yahoo answers, find a topic you are interested in.  Now I want you to search for that term.  What are people asking?  What problems are they having?  What are there needs?  What are their Wants?  What are their Desires?

The answers are all there.  Write down some notes.  Now do a search in Google for blogs dealing with that subject.  Look at the comments.  Pay attention to the questions.  A page with a lot of comments, that is a sure sign there is a market for that topic.  Are you getting the jist?

Now go search the forums, look for the same information.  Guy’s the information is right there!  People are telling you exactly what they need.  All you have to do is provide them the answer.  It might be a written answer, it might be a product review, it might be a video.  All you have to do is give them the answer they are looking for.

When you have found a subject, that has a lot of interest, question, inquires, problems, well you have found you a niche.  When you find the right niche, making money on the internet can’t get any easier.

I’ve only given you two sources.  Something else to take note of, if they have made a magazine on your topic, well you’re on your way to seriously making money on the internet.

Ok, so you found your niche what do you do next?  You need to learn a little bit about keyword research.  I’m not going to get geeky on you but it’s important.  I think one of the best courses I have ever seen for keyword research was created by my friend Sean Donahoe.  It’s awesome, simple, and will get you the traffic you need.

Here is that Link

Once you have your niche, and you have a good idea what keyword you can use.  I would simply create a blog.  There are tons of YouTube videos on the internet teaching you how to do that.  You can even head over to Blogger or you can create a Lens at Squidoo.  It really doesn’t matter take you keyword and use it on a page.  Make your main keyword about 3% of the whole page.

Find you an affiliate marketing product that you can add to your article, and your good to go.  You can learn more about ClickBank in other posts.  It’s free, it’s easy and it works.

If you have done your Research… THEY WILL COME!

There’s one more thing you can do. If you buy your own domain name, which I will plug Name Cheap!  They make it real easy and their pretty competitive in price.  Get a Hosting Account over at Host Gator.  Cost you like $5.00 a month.   Start writing about your subject, and head over to Google and apply for an Adsense account.

Now Google will pay you every time one of your viewers clicks an ad on your page.  In addition to the Adsense, stick some clickbank links on your page.  You can also add any other monetization options you can find.  Trust me there are tons of money-making opportunities.

Guys, this is the summarized version, but I’ll be if you just take half my advice seriously you’ll be one step closer to making money on the internet.  I didn’t charge you a dime for that info either.  Save your money, you’ll need it!  The best thing you can do is unsubscribe from all them schmucks sending you offers, that they haven’t even reviewed.

Once you do start making some cash online, then it’s time to scale things up.  This is when you need to start looking into SEO, and traffic generation techniques.  That when you start making money on the internet in a BIG way!  If you ready to go down that road then I’ll share my traffic strategies with you in the link below.  Hope that helps, stick to it guys, stay focused and you too will be making money on the internet!

Here is the link to my “Internet Marketing Strategies”