Enough! Show Me How To Create An Online Income…

Pictured: Online Income

Yes,  I have an Online Income, But It Came With 10 Painful Years

Pictured: Online Income Took Me 10 Years!
Online Income Took Me 10 Years!

Guys the truth is if I knew back then what I knew now, I would not be in this business.  I don’t care who says it, if they tell you it is easy to make a online income I will call them a liar to their face.  Possible yes… Easy?  No!

To make an income online, requires work and lots of it.  It doesn’t happen over night, it doesn’t happen over weeks, it might not happen over months.  If you know what you’re doing it could happen within the year.  You see all those Online Income programs you see out there, they don’t work do they?  I’ll tell you who makes the income online, it was the marketer that scammed us into buying those programs.

Are people actually making a decent income online?  Yes, I think there are plenty of legitimate people that do very well online.  However, I don’t think they just jumped into it one day and had results tomorrow.  They are people like me, that have spent close to $100,000 on every product the “Gurus” have created, all with empty promises.  However, what it did teach us is what fails.  Those quick gimmick, push-button software will fail every time.  Most of the time is it Black-hat anyways, and there tool will eventually have malfunctions due to the many changes on the internet and various websites.


What They Don’t Tell You About Creating an Online Income…

Pictured: What They Don't Tell You To Make An Online Income
What They Don't Tell You To Make An Online Income

I think this is the one thing that has kept me going all these years.  You see when you create a sales funnel, or a website that gets ranked well it will produce fruit for years to come.  I’ve had many sites that have done just that.  I’ve had sites that are making online income that are over 3 years old.  Now originally I spent about 3 hours designing the entire site and haven’t touched it since.

Sure, that sounds familiar you’ve heard these stories over and over.  Would it change things If I told you that I also had another 75 sites that completely flopped.  Everything from Internet Marketing to various Niche reviews.  That’s the story you don’t hear, and it is all too common in our business.  They tell you the Positive side of things, and man is it positive but the negative usually equals or outweighs the positive.

I could show you a site right now that produces $300 a a day.  However, what if I told you I had over $1000 in outsourcing done just to get to that spot in Google to make that kind of money.  Not only am I spending money to make an online income, I’m having to utilize my time to manage those outsourcers.  Are you getting my point?  Now here’s something else I want to point out to you, take all my flops, and successes and I will still tell you I set up everything by the book.  I integrated ever tip and trick known in the SEO and Marketing world and I still had flops.

So you see my point is, it’s not as easy to make an online income as people have led you to believe.  I’m sorry guys I tell it to my readers like I see it.  I’m honest and truthful and see through all the hype and bluff.


If Your Goal Is To Create An Online Income, Here Are My Recommendations:

Remember what I said earlier, there is no push-button solution.  Even my recommendations are not going to happen over night.  I will share with you my most successful method I use to make an online income, and then I will provide links for your to get further information.

These methods can pay out, and they can pay out big for a long time.  However, I won’t lie to you, there going to require some work on your part.  A lot of the work can be outsourced, and some of it you might find your rather good at, and enjoy doing.

I can tell you it took me a long time to make an online income, because I did not even attempt these methods until later on in may internet marketing career.  Why is that you ask?  Because I too was looking for that solution that allows five minutes of set up, and the next day you wake up to an email box full of orders.  Well guys, I’ve turned over every rock and I never found that solution, so I was forced to actually put some work into it.  I later found out it wasn’t all that hard, and I actually enjoyed it.  Not only that, I learned everything I am doing Google is happy.  I never have to worry about being slapped, or sandbox or anything.  My efforts will be around producing fruits from my labor for years to come.



My Online Income Suggestion…

You need to learn about keyword research, and what peoples needs, desires, and problems are.  Once you figure that out you will make an income online time and time again.  Find yourself a hot niche.  I highly recommend you stay out of the Internet Marketing niche, cause take my word for it, it is dog eat dog out here.  You might also stay clear of the Forex Niche.

My recommendation is think in terms of Health.  Acne, Hair-loss, Diet, Smoking, etc…. You get the idea right?  When you learn about your keyword research, you need to start taking keyword that have high search volume, low competition, and pay a decent cost per click.  I would go with at least $2.00 minimum cpc.

You then write a page or post about that keyword.  I like to write my posts at about 1000 words, because everybody else is doing about 500 words.  Not only that very little content on the internet is all original.  If you make yours all original you will be in the safe zone.

I use SEOPressor to optimize my posts for me.  It makes it very easy to get ranked for a keyword.  Once you have your page written, you need to apply for an adsense account, and place adsense channels on your page.  It’s that simple.

So lets say your keyword has a CPC of $9.00 and some of mine do.  When Google places those channels on my relative pages I will get approximately 60% of that $9.00.  Guy’s that’s $5.40 a click, they don’t even have to buy anything, they just click.  I make a good online income using this method.

A good example, look at the top of this page, you see those ads up there?  Those are adsense channels.  Now I will tell you upfront in-case you haven’t figured it out, this page is focused around the keyword “online income” so what Google will do is it will display other advertisers ads that are related to online income.  If you happen to click one of those ads, I get paid. Very simple right?  Are you getting the idea how that works?  This is probably the fastest way to making an income online.


Pictured: ENE Equals Online Income

If You Are Serious About Making an Income Online…

Now, you can take it a step further and throw in some ClickBank products, or amazon and such.  I try to monetize to the max.  The course that taught me how to do this is called Extreme Niche Empires.  It was created by my good friend Sean Donahoe and I highly recommend it for anybody looking to make money with adsense and blogs.  As a matter of fact everything I shared with you came out of that course, it was awesome and has raving reviews.  He will even cover the keyword research we talked about before in the link below:

Click Here For Extreme Niche Empires


Hopefully that gives you a good start to reaching on Online Income yourself!