Show Me The Real Money Online!

Pictured: Real Money Online

Is There Real Money Online That I Can Make?

Hey guys, let me answer that for you right off that bat, Yes, there is Real Money Online.  No, it is no easy to make!  How’s that for not beating around the bush?  Unfortunately the real money online, is made by a small percentage of the internet.

These are major corporations, business, and in my sector the Internet Marketing Gurus all see a big chunk of the real money online.  That’s not say that you can’t make money online, because I believe you can.  I think it takes the will, knowledge, and desire to succeed online.  Most importantly it requires action, you have to take action to see any real money online.


Get Past All The Smoke Screens To Get To The Real Money Online…

Pictured: Where Is The Real Money Online?
Where Is The Real Money Online?

Guy’s I know you have heard me preach this time and time before.  If you want to succeed online then

you have to get past all the garbage that is flooding your inbox.  I’m telling you it is just that.  Now if you’ve got a loyal marketer who you trust and is there for your best benefit then by all means, keep him.  However, UNSUBSCRIBE from everybody else.

Let me tell you how I see this happening.  You’re going to pick up a great referral or resource from some guy like me who really wants to see you make real money online.  Instead of taking action and implementing what I have taught you, you’re going to get distracted with the next big subject that hits your email, why?  Because that’s the goal, and good man are they good at reaching their goals.  Sometimes in the tune of Millions.  You see who’s really winning here?  It’s not you.

Those “Gurus” need for you to be distracted, and keep the money flowing.  After all this is how they make Real Money Online, and lots of it.  Just shut it all of.  Focus, on the method at hand.

I don’t care if your trying an adsense method, which I highly suggest for making real money online, experimenting with a WSO in the Warrior Forum, which seem to produce pretty good results, or testing out CPC on Google.  Whatever method you are trying, stat focused!

Trust me, if you fail enough times, you will succeed and start to see real money online.  I’ve been at this ten years.  There was nobody that told me the things I am telling you now, I had to learn everything the hard way and boy did it cost me in the long run.  Stay with the legitimate methods, go all white hat, Google will love you, people will love you, and you’ll do fine.  You are exactly what the internet wants and needs to see.


 To Make Real Money Online, You Have To Be Positive!

Pictured: Real Money Online - Think Positive
Real Money Online - Think Positive

Guy, I know it sounds crazy but if you are out to make real money online, then you have to be positive.  Don’t let nobody judge you.  Don’t let nobody stand in your way.  I have people tell me all the time that I am just a scam.  Why?  Because I write about things that people are interested in?  Because I have learned to focus on people’s problems and provide a solution?  What part of this is a scam?

This is the information highway, it’s how we roll these days.  I tend to conclude those people are just jealous cause I got checks coming in the mail each and every day.  You can too, but you have to think positive.

I’ll tell you a short story.  Over ten years ago I was in the middle of creating one of the first internet marketing products of it’s time.  Up to that point, the only thing that existed was some chain program called “Cookie Cutter.”  It was at this point people were just getting the hang of using an autoresponder.  Nothing like the capabilities we have today.  At that time the premier autoresponder was called “Smart Bot Pro.”  Anyways, I spent months upon months with programmers, web designers, and graphic artists.  We were basically creating the first affiliate site, though we didn’t know that at the time.

During my creation I took criticism upon criticism.  Nobody understood internet marketing or where it was going.  However, I did.  I had a good idea, but I let everybody talk me down.  I got so tired of being told it was a scam I threw cold water on the project.  I never did get to release it and a year later I saw launch after launch that took after my project.  So you see had I just been positive and kept at it, and turned my influences off I might have been the next Frank Kern.  Everything happens for a reason though, who knows had that product been released I might not have my two little girls today.  Once again positive thinking.  That product by the way was called Destiny Internet Marketing Solutions.  If anybody can find any history on that product or that domain name I would greatly appreciate it.


To Make Real Money Online You’ve Got To Make Your First Dollar

Guys, whatever it is your doing, your biggest challenge is going to be making your first dollar online.  I know that sounds crazy but it’s true.  Once you figure out how to make that first dollar, then it’s a matter of repeating those steps over to make two, three, five, ten, and so on.  When you know those steps are in play then you simple scale it up.  Maybe you write more content, maybe you syndicate it in more places, maybe you increase your cpc budget.  Whatever you are doing, that is how you start seeing the real money online.

In the process of making your first dollar, you want to record every step you take.  If your using an add record the traffic and number of clicks.  The take the same add and do a variation.  Measure which one is producing better results.  Always try to beat the best mark.   This is how you grow and start making real money online.  If you’re always beating your best result then your results are getting better.  Pretty soon you’ll be at the top of your scale, and it will all be on autopilot bringing you income time and time again.  Hope this gives you a good idea, what you need to do to start seeing real money online!