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Pictured: Search Engine Marketing

Here are some basic steps to start makingmoney with Search Engine Marketing

Pictured: Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Marketing

Alright, search engine marketing happens to be one of my favorite areas.  You can make a ton of money once you know SEO.  I use search engine marketing in my own business and for all my clients.

First let me get all geeky with you and give you the exact definitely of search engine marketing, and then I’ll just be real with you and tell you how I go about my business of marketing.

According to Wikipedia, here is the definition:

Search engine marketing, (SEM), is a form of Internet marketing that seeks to promote websites by increasing their visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs) through the use of, paid placement, contextual advertising, and paid inclusion.

Alright, now that we got that cleared up, let me start by saying I thing search engine marketing is the one for sure thing we have in the world of internet marketing.  All the money making methods you come across I believe could very well be short lived.  However search engine marketing will always be around.  We might see algorithm changes, but I don’t see Google or the search engines going away anytime soon.


Build a Solid Foundation with any Search Engine Marketing Campaign

Before we can even begin talking about search engine marketing, you have to know what it is you are going to target.  This will be the foundation of your results.  You need to make sure the niche or topic you are getting into is high in demand and desired by many people.

Once you have got a winner for a niche, you then need to make sure the terms you have selected for your keywords meet your criteria.  Guys I don’t know what kind of criteria you have.  Whether your creating Google Sniper Sites, or following Market Samurai guidelines.  I can tell you that the best method I have ever used came from the Manic Marketer also known as Sean Donahoe.  He calls it the drill down method, and I think the same method can be found in the Traffic Travis software.

However, don’t spend you money on Traffic Travis.  Much to my surprise Sean revealed that same drill down method in his Extreme Niche Empires course.  It is the only method I use in my business and Search Engine Marketing.  It is simple, fast, and it works well.  I highly suggest you check that method out.

I’m not going to give you the secret sauce, but I will tell you what Sean’s Drill Down method contains:

Criteria for Minimum number of searches
Competition for your keyword
Cost Per Click for your keyword
Allintitle for your keyword
Allinurl for your keyword
Both Allintiltle and Allinurl for your keyword
Basic understanding of strength of competition

Trust me when I say that drill down method is all you need, you just need to check out the course for yourself and get those numbers.  Believe me I use it on everything I do.  I’m even using the drill down method on this site.  It is an awesome stuff.


Vital Factors with Search Engine Marketing:

So once you have laid your foundation, and you’ve met the criteria I laid out above there are some simple things you need to do to insure your success with Search Engine Marketing.  First of all, domain name and age is very important.  If you can buy an aged domain name related to your niche with some PR then do it.  If you are able to buy the dead on domain name for your niche then do it.

Here is an example of dead on domain names:

If our keyword is dog training, we would want to register:


Now if you can’t get the dead on domain name then my next suggestion would be to get a name with a prefix.  Remember Google reads like a person left to right.  So using the above example we could do something like this: (.net), (.org)

Last, if you don’t want to go that route then you can do a suffix (.net), (.org)

Then as a last resort you could do:


On-page SEO in Search Engine Marketing:

I did an experiment this weekend and I was amazed.  I took one of my pages that had a very competitive keyword.  I was ranked #58.  My on-page factors were pretty bad.  I then applied some of the things we are about to discuss and literally went to #4 position over night:

Title Tag:
Make sure you include you keyword in your Title.

Include your keyword in your description, along with one or two LSI keywords if at all possible.

Slug or URL:
Include your keyword in your slug.  If you look at the top of this page you will notice my slug is search-engine-marketing.  I’m sure you have figured out this was the keyword I was trying to get optimized for.  In addition to that try not to have any other keywords in your slug.  You want it to be crisp and clear when Google reads your slug.

Tools to Explode Your Rankings and Shut Down Your Server!

Guy’s anybody that knows me or this blog, knows I push everything Sean Donahoe has created.  He is the real deal period.  When I bought Firestorm SEO I realized I knew nothing about search engine marketing or SEO.  You probably don’t either.  This course was unbelievable and it was focused on using Word Press as your platform.  I have spent $3000 on courses that come no where near the astonishment of this course.  If you really want to blow your competition away and shut down Host Gator from an influx of traffic then this course is definitely for you!

Click Here to Read More About Firestorm SEO


A Tool to help you with your WordPress SEO

If your using WordPress then you can’t do without this tool.  It is absolutely essential.  It will tell you everything you need to do to your post to be 100% Optimized for your keyword.  It is called SEOPressor and it is absolutely essential to your search engine marketing.

Click Here to Read More About SEOPressor


Backlinking Is the Key Element to Search Engine Marketing

Guys this goes without saying.  Backlinking is very important to Google and it makes sense.  The more backlinks Google sees the more it thinks a site is popular.  Now that is just a summarized version of the whole scope of things.  My point is this.  I use SENuke a lot to build up my baclinks.  I then make sure they get indexed using other programs.  SENuke is one awesome tool and it has been essential to taking those top positions in Google.

Click Here to Read My Post on SENuke X


My Last Thoughts…

If you haven’t already seen it.  I started a new page where I have listed all of my marketing strategies and tools.  I will constantly be updating them as I go along.  I highly suggest you check these tools out as they will make all the difference in the world with your SEO and search engine marketing.

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