SEO is The Backbone of My Business

SEO Is Necessary To Really Make It Big?

Pictured: Is SEO the WAY to Go?
Is SEO the WAY to Go?

Speaking for myself, I can tell you SEO is definitely the backbone to my online business.  Sure I’ve got email subscribers, videos syndicated on the web, very big in social media, some PPC.  However for me it its all about the SEO.

I know first hand, there are going to be a ton of marketers that tell me, Chad your putting all your eggs in one basked.  I’ll be the first to tell them I am actually very diverse in all my Marketing Strategies.  But SEO is a massive part of it and it’s what I contribute a lot of my success to.

So before I get all geeky on you, let me first give you the official definition of SEO:

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the “natural” or un-paid (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results.

Ok so now SEO to me in lei-mans terms is basically finding ways to Make Google Happy.  You give the “Big G” what they want and in return they move us up in the ranks.  Very simple idea, however SEO is no such a simple process.  The good news is SEO is now a bit easier to execute.  This is mainly thanks to the WordPress platform.  I used to have to hire developers to make simple changes to my websites and now with the WordPress plugins it is a one-click install.

SEO is not as complicated as it once was…

In addition to the new technology we’ve encountered and all the automation tools.  We now have a better idea what it is Google is expecting to see.  Sure there going to make their algorithm changes.  However they have to base their rankings on something.  There running out of options and criteria to hold over our head.  I feel very comfortable where SEO is today and where SEO is going to be in the future.

There are two major core elements of SEO that I am going to cover.  However when we break down SEO into smaller requirement you will see that SEO is actually very diverse in nature.


SEO is VERY dependent on backlinking first and foremost.

I will argue with guys until I am blue in the face, and trust me I do.  I have been able to take domains that have no On-Page SEO what so ever and get them ranked in Google.  I have been able to do this very quickly and actually achieved top rankings.

The name of the game for me has been creating backlinks and then getting them indexed.  Now getting them indexed is no always an easy task.  Google is a little bit picky with that, but I did an awesome post showing you how you can get a 95% index rate on all your backlinks.

SEO is very easily accomplished using automation tools.  My favorite new tool is now SENuke X.  Now this isn’t a post about SEnuke X so I wont go there.  I can tell you that I use that tool to creates close to 1000 backlinks all pointing back to my link magnet.  Now there is a new term altogether.  I’m not going to tell you what a link magnet is because that is my good friends creation.  I can however point you to the right direction.

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If you’re wanting to get serious about your online business, smoke your competition, shield your site from being slapped, and make good money in the process then the link below is for you!

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SEO is easily accomplished when you’re very diverse with Your Link Building Strategies

Here are the backlink types I build up for all of my sites.  Again I only do this to my link magnets and I do it all in one shot using SENuke X.

Blog commenting
Social bookmarking
Forum profiles
RSS Feeds
Article directories
Web 2.0 blogs
Video Links
Press Releases
Pod Broadcasts
Micro Blogs
Social Media Links
High PR (EDU & GOV)

You get the idea.  Now you might understand why I’m so digging that SEnuke program.  It really does the job of about 50 different outsourcers.  Trust me when I say, I’ve got a ton of staff too always doing linkbuilding and SEO is one of their top priorities.

Alright, so you get the point?  Build Links, Links, and More Links.  Then when you’re done with that Build more links.

The second part of SEO is On-Page Factors

Now I know I’ve covered this time and time again but it is very important part to your SEO strategies and getting ranked with Google.

Domain Name – You want your keyword in your domain name.  I you can get a relevant domain name to your niche that has some age, backlinks, or exisiting PR, it could save you a ton of time and escalate your efforts.

Title – Make sure you include your keyword in your Title Tag.  This is very important.  I try to have it at the very beginning of my title tag.

Description – Include your keyword in your description also.  I will usually thrown in a couple LSI keywords that are relevant to my main keyword.  Remember, were trying to satisfy the search engines and at the same time be appealing to the human eye.


SEO Is Very Easy When You’re Using WordPress!

Let me start right off by saying, I don’t care the nature of your business.  If you are not using wordpress for your website platform.  You might as well throw in the towel right now.  YOu need to take the time to make that change.  It will make all the difference in the world.  SEO is so versatile and simple when your using WordPress.

Ok so now having said that.  Here is some on-page SEO that I do when creating my posts or pages in WordPress.  I’m not going to take credit for these tasks, but I will tell you this SEO strategy works awesome!

– H1 Tag – Needs to contain your keyword
– H2 Tag – Needs to contain your keyword
– H3 Tag – Needs to contain your keyword
– Bold your keyword once
– Italicize your keyword once
– Underline you keyword once
– Use the keyword in the first sentence of your page
– Use the keyword in the last sentence of your page
– You need to have a 2-3% keyword density
– Image with an ALT tag, containing keyword

It actually sounds a bit more extreme then it really is.  Now to make your life easier I’m going to give you a link too a post I wrote about a tool I use every single day.  I’m actually using it on this post as we speak it tells me SEO is about a 75.56% score.  At this point the only thing I’m missing is an image with my alt tag, and the keyword in the last part of my sentence.

Here is a link to that Tool for Optimizing Your Posts


Now, to show you guys how serious I am about what I preach, I’ll give you a little inside word here.  The keyword is was getting optimized for one this page is “SEO is”.

If you haven’t checked out my Internet Marketing Strategies page yet, make sure you do.  It is filled with awesome tools, resources, and products that I use in my daily online business.  I don’t list everything I promote, these are just my own strategies.

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Last but not least, If you want to really get into SEO.  I mean beyond anything anybody else is doing then my friend Sean is a SEO Genius.  I’m not just saying that he really is.  I’m a part of his inner circle, and every Friday night he has a webinar.  It never ceases to amaze me what new SEO strategies he has come out with. I highly suggest you check out anything Sean comes out with.

SEO is Sean’s best friend.  Here is a link to his Supreme SEO product.  It’s called SEO Firestorm, and this is the course responsible for shutting down hostgator accounts.  It is awesome stuff!

Firestorm SEO
Firestrom SEO

Click Here to View my Post On Firestorm SEO


Ok, well hopefully that has helped you with your efforts.  SEO is definitely a necessity in any online business.