You Won’t Make Money Blogging Doing This!

I Tried So Hard To Make Money Blogging, Learn From My Mistakes!

I know, you’ve heard it over and over.

All these people who claim there making big buck from their blogs.  How do you actually make money with you blog?  Is it possible to supplement your income and make money blogging?

The answer is yes, however most people are just going about it the wrong way.

Are you using autocontent?

If you are then stop!  You might make one or two dollars from Adsense, but your days are numbered.  Yes that’s my opinion, others are going to disagree.  Guys, I hate to tell you, but what is Google’s #1 goal and objective?  “To provide a good user experience.” We’ve heard this time and time again.  Autocontent is doing just opposite of that.

Besides, all that means is that content can be found on other websites.  Not Good!


Are you using poorly spun PLR?

I don’t want to contradict myself.  I use the Best Spinner as much as everybody else.  However, I do not display poorly spun content on my main sites.  I might use it in a SEO or Backlinking strategy.  However my site contains nothing but 100% original content!
Here’s the reasons why I made those two bold statements.  If you’re trying to make money blogging you’re going to be asking for money from your viewers.  Am I right?  Which means your going to have to put some effort into it.  Now there are exceptions.  Adsense being one of them.  However, you can make a lot more money with blogging selling products.  This is especially true if you are selling your own products.  I’m going to tell you how I make money blogging, in a way your probably not real familiar with.


This is How Marketers Attempt To Make Money Blogging…

Here is where a lot of internet marketers go wrong.  There is a massive forum that you can join.  In that forum you can sign up to promote the biggest product launches.  You don’t need any criteria.  You don’t have to own a business.  You just sign up, and it’s FREE!

So when you sign up, the product creator provides you with content for your blog, they give you swipe emails, banners, links for PPC and anything else you need.  Trust me, I used to be one of these guys doing this.

You are familiar with ClickBank.  Well the same process is true with them.  I can sell anything, All I need to do is enter my name and email.  The product creator will then send me everything I need to make them money.


Here was my First Mistake:

I would go put up a site like you see below.  With a dead-on domain like  Really catchy right?  I mean I designed it all myself. I would actually make a different optin box for each site.  See at the bottom where it says “$200 in Bonuses”  Well I had a bonus page for people who bought this product.  In theory it should have worked.  I was doing the same thing everybody else was doing.

I would put up 100’s of these sites. You could buy .info for like $3.00 and I had a reseller hosting account.  So what did I have to lose?  I did all the graphics myself.  I mean I only had like 3 hours of work into each one of these pages… LOL

Why go through all this trouble you ask.  Well because my commission on some of these products was like 75% or something.  Good money right?  Sure… My results?  I wasn’t selling a damn thing. Not only that my conscience was getting to me.  I didn’t want to be one of those guys.  I’ll tell you why I failed a little further down the page.


Pictured: Make Money Blogging... NOT!
Make Money Blogging... NOT!



Here was my Second Mistake:

Pictured: My Make Money Blogging Disaters
My Make Money Blogging Disaters

As if the first failure wasn’t enough.  I always learn things the hard way. I decided to take all the sites that I was doing above and make a review site with links to all those external sites.  You might notice the logo to JVAlerts on the website above.

The idea was, people would buy a product on those individual sites and then click the JVAlerts link to check out other products I had.

In addition to having links to my own external sites I would sign up for every affiliate product I could find.  Take the reviews the product creator provided and spin the content so that it was original in Google’s eyes.  I even went as far as to pay a guy in the Philippines to rewrite the reviews.

All that work, outsourcing fees, hosting fees, domain names, custom artwork I was doing, and  Nobody was buying a damn thing!


Here is why Nobody was Buying, and why I was never going to Make Money Blogging!

Just when I was about to throw in the towel with Internet Marketing I decided to try something that I had heard so much about.  Something that I refused to follow.  Why?  Because it was work.  I wanted an automated process that I could outsource and wake up to receipts in my email every day.  Just like they show in all those products.

Guys, if you hear anything.  Hear this.  I’ve been in this business for over 10 years!  That stuff doesn’t exist.  I’m not exaggerating when I tell you I have bought every course, script, and software that has promised to make you millions.  It don’t exist.  Somebody is making millions, but it’s not the people buying the products.  It’s the people who are selling them.

Here’s what i was missing! As I said above I would spend three hours or more creating all these killer graphics, loading websites, buying domain names, and then literally throwing them in the search engines to see if they would stick.

I failed to build a relationship!  Nobody knew who JVAlerts was.  All those mini sites, I could be a guy in Malaysia spitting putting these things up.  Why would anybody give their money to me?    I had no way to demonstrate how those products were useful if they were infact useful.  Again why would you buy anything?

So, I set out to do what I was too lazy to do!  Build a relationship.  Man where would I be today had I listened to all those people way back when.  My site today would be along the lines of  “Pro Blogger”, “John Chow” or any of the other big wigs.  I didn’t listen though.  I looked for the easy way out, hit bottom and then finally decided to get my stuff together.

Today I’m proud to say, “I MAKE MONEY BLOGGING”

Guys, I literally have people emailing me, saying hey thanks for this review.  I love this product.  Have you tried this other product, and if you like it can I buy it through your link.  When you are an authority figure and built up trust with your readers they appreciate and value your opinion.  They want to be associated with you.  It is awesome!

To think, if I had taken all that time, 3 hours each site and just applied it to an authority blog like this one.  I would have made a killing back then, had alot more fun, and more importantly I would have been building up a foundation for my internet business.

Guys, I didn’t even get into the business that comes from having a list of loyal subscribers.  I will tell you this though, with all the fancy optin boxes and everything I created.  My list was in the hundreds.   I’m now in the thousands, because people have got to know me, and I’ve established a relationship with them.

Don’t make the same mistakes I did!  Take the time and do this right.  I was going to cover exactly how I make money blogging, but instead I put a lot of emphasis sharing with you the mistakes I made.   I hope you have related to my story, and if you understand what I am saying then I want you to read my post below:

“How to Make Money Blogging”


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